Hiking, Biking and Swimming in the Sea

Velebit mountain is a hikers paradise, with it’s 145 kilometers in length and the area of 2200 square kilometers it is by area by far the largest mountain in Croatia.

It contains incredible diversity of different areas with different vegetation, different viewpoints and different vibe. While hiking you can have a feeling that you are on a totally different mountain every 20 minutes of walking. Forests, steep white rocks, huge meadows and magnificent views of the Adriatic Sea and it’s islands interchange all the time.

You can find detailed hiking maps here or in maps.me app.

Also you can go mountain biking for which some of the maps you can find here. If you bring your bicycle with you we highly recommend to have a downhill ride on the road from Baške Oštarije to Karlobag – 20 km of pure downhill joy overlooking the mountain and the sea.

You are exploring at your own risk. Please refrain from going to the mountain apart from the organized guided tours as it is easy to get lost and it can be dangerous. Be responsible!

The sea is only a 20 minutes drive away 🙂

Via Dinarica

Baške Oštarije, the home of the Mystic Mountain is a point right on the Via Dinarica trail. A countinous hiking trail over a 1000 km long extending through 7 countries, declared one of the best destinations in the world by National Geographic in 2017!

Read more about it here.

Guided tours

There will be several organized tours during the festival, the exact schedule will be made in the beginning or during the festival to align the tours with the weather forecast. Tours are free of charge for all visitors of the festival.

Kubus & Basača

difficulty: 1/5 | duration: cca 3 hours with pauses

Bačić Kuk & Ravni Dabar

difficulty: 2/5 | duration: cca 5 hours with pauses

Kiza & Stupačinovo

difficulty: 3/5 | duration: cca 4 hours with pauses

Ljubičko brdo

difficulty: 3/5 | duration: cca 3 hours with pauses