Hiking & Field Trips

We are taking you to several different adventures. 

You can see the schedule of hiking tours and field trips in the timetable.

All hiking tours are professionally guided and the meeting point is the Nest – the big stretchtent in front of the camp, hiking starts directly at the site, there are no car rides. Take enough water and additional clothes if needed. Every tour is a different route. All hiking tours are included in the ticket price.  

As for the field trips, we will use cars to reach the destinations. If you don’t have your own car, you can fit into somebody elses, the arrangements will be made at the meeting point which is again – the Nest. If there will be a need, there will be an additional shuttle (with a basic ticket price) that will take you. On each field trip there will be one or two guides. 

Field trip to Gacka river – swimming, transparent kayak, bikes, quad rides

20 minutes car ride

These activities except for swimming 🙂 are not included in the ticket price. You can see the details here. All festival visitors get 10% discount to these prices and if the group is bigger than 10, you get 20%. 

Field trip to plitvice lakes

30 minutes car ride

Plitvice Lakes are a world famous national park. If you have never visited this place, we really recommend that you do. 

Ticket to the national park is paid separately. 

workshop: conscious breathing and cold bath in gacka river

20 minutes car ride

A powerful workshop in a beautiful place.