Ḿystic Mountain Chillout Week

Kamp Velebit, Baške Oštarije, Velebit Nature Park, 12.-18.8.2019.

Mystic Mountain Chillout week is a place to take a rest after the intensity of the Modem festival. You are welcome to our beautiful and cozy camp Velebit in the heart of Velebit Mountain. Sea is only 20min drive away, pristine nature is all around. The road to the sea is one of the most beautiful in Croatia. 

Location is 2 hours by car to the south from Modem festival.

Program will be minimal, more time for you to chill and rest:

  • psychill, world music, ambient, psybient, lounge… music during day time
  • big campfire in the evenings
  • good food & local drinks
  • guided hiking tours
  • daily yoga
  • tandem paragliding rides (in case of supportive weather)

There are no tickets, you pay camping per night of your stay, just as you would if you came to camp Velebit at any other time. 

Price per person per night is 12 eur.

There is plenty of space so you don’t have to reserve your place.