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Movement method 5Rhythms® was organically developed by Gabrielle Roth, out of instinct, intuition and interconnections with human beings.
It is a philosophy, a perspective of life, an art of expression and a dynamic movement practice, rooted in the principle that our own psyche heals itself if we move it. Powerful and simple movement meditation that anyone can practice regardless of age, size, ability or physical limitations.
The Rhythms are practical and highly effective tools for healing and growing into your creative potential. A movement practice designed to free you up on every level. Each rhythm is a whole world in itself, an aspect of a human being, a quality of energy that brings particular teachings when you move with it.
Put together in sequence, the rhythms form a wave of energy that takes you deeply through your self, out to the edges and drops you right in your centre, leaving you vibrant and grounded.

The Rhythms are a map of the way energy naturally move and change. It offers “choreography for a dance at the edge” – there are no classical dance steps, but it gives us guidelines for expressive creativity, representing a dynamic state of being.
Maps are a guide for exploring the self through the movement that take us on the journey through our unexplored inner wilderness. By moving the body, we are releasing our emotional arteries into flow, emptying the mind, we develop awareness of the moment, experiencing our natural state of being.

Workshop is led by Romana Soldo, certified 5Rhythms teacher, who passionately explores dance and movement for more than 20 years.
“On my voyage of self-discovery I’ve journeyed through various dance schools and spiritual practices, until I’ve landed home in my body seduced by the Rhythms. Surrendering to this simple movement meditation is always teaching me how to move myself out of my way, realising that my body and my energy are the most profound teachers.
Deepening my language to know myself, this practice became my direct dialogue to this force that is moving all living things.
Inspired by this work, I endeavour to create safe space for others to remember themselves back into the body, and in that way to become more spontaneous, heartful and present human beings.”