Workshops, seminars and lectures

Entrance to all workshops, seminars and lectures is free for all festival visitors.

Workshop list is constantly growing so check the facebook event now and then for the news.  

Inner Wilderness :: 5 Rhythms Workshop by Romana Soldo

Movement method 5Rhythms® was organically developed by Gabrielle Roth, out of instinct, intuition and interconnections with human beings.
It is a philosophy, a perspective of life, an art of expression and a dynamic movement practice, rooted in the principle that our own psyche heals itself if we move it. Powerful and simple movement meditation that anyone can practice regardless of age, size, ability or physical limitations.
The Rhythms are practical and highly effective tools for healing and growing into your creative potential. A movement practice designed to free you up on every level. Each rhythm is a whole world in itself, an aspect of a human being, a quality of energy that brings particular teachings when you move with it.
Put together in sequence, the rhythms form a wave of energy that takes you deeply through your self, out to the edges and drops you right in your centre, leaving you vibrant and grounded.

The Rhythms are a map of the way energy naturally move and change. It offers “choreography for a dance at the edge” – there are no classical dance steps, but it gives us guidelines for expressive creativity, representing a dynamic state of being.
Maps are a guide for exploring the self through the movement that take us on the journey through our unexplored inner wilderness. By moving the body, we are releasing our emotional arteries into flow, emptying the mind, we develop awareness of the moment, experiencing our natural state of being.

Workshop is led by Romana Soldo, certified 5Rhythms teacher, who passionately explores dance and movement for more than 20 years.
“On my voyage of self-discovery I’ve journeyed through various dance schools and spiritual practices, until I’ve landed home in my body seduced by the Rhythms. Surrendering to this simple movement meditation is always teaching me how to move myself out of my way, realising that my body and my energy are the most profound teachers.
Deepening my language to know myself, this practice became my direct dialogue to this force that is moving all living things.
Inspired by this work, I endeavour to create safe space for others to remember themselves back into the body, and in that way to become more spontaneous, heartful and present human beings.”

Ecstatic Spirit Dance :: Workshop by Iva Solarević Jeličić

Ecstatic Spirit Dance is a free form dance. It’s a sort of moving meditation with different rhythms and intensity, along with different kinds of exercises designed to get you out of your comfort zone and set you free.

It is a practice through which we release blockages; suppressed emotions, physical tensions, traumas, stresses, fears, and allow ourselves to be free. We are coming back to our authenticity. Trough this practice we touch our truth and we express it trough movement. It is a sacred healing practice which connects us with our essence, freedom, love, inner power and with life itself.

The uniqueness of this workshop is that it forces you to get out of your comfort zone. You meet, face to face, your limitations, insecurities and fears regarding physical touch (there is a lot of physical touch :)), sexuality, approaching new people, connecting to strangers, expressing your truth, uncensored… A big and important life aspect which is pretty much blocked for most people. 

No previous experience needed.

About Iva 

My life is focused on discovering humans as multi-dimensional beings with the goal to find the ways we can achieve health, joy and freedom. Research led me through the body, mind, emotions, energy, spirit, and consciousness. During college I studied the physiological processes, the locomotor system and ways our body functions. In 2001 I enrolled my postgraduate studies and began to study relations between psyche and body, the influence of meditation, yoga and energy work on the psychosomatic system. Finally I discovered what is the function of consciousness on our system, and how it works when we combine all that together.

I’d like to help you connect to your essence and discover the limitlessness of your own being!

Free Spirit, healthy body, happy heart!

The Elements in Balance – Yoga and Ayurveda by Ivana Kurtov

Duration: 1.5 h 

Number of participants: max 18 (has to be an even number)

About the workshop

Yoga and Ayurveda are complementary practices, commonly called two ‘’sister’’ practices that originated in India thousands of years ago. Ayurveda means ‘The science of life’ and Yoga literally means ‘Union’ or ‘That which brings you to reality’. This workshop is all about that, providing a space and time for participants to experience their own reality, starting by sensing the breath. All the emotions, thoughts and other personal experiences have their own breath, rhythm, and energy. Feeling is the way of being and awareness is mind at rest. Participants are going to explore the experience of mind and body existing together as it is. The healing or just self-exploring process starts when the body, mind and spirit are integrated and whole. Through the workshop we will start from the body and mind awareness and experience how to hold the space for awareness to be. To experience the whole being, it is necessary to experience different localizations of awareness such as being aware of the bodily sensation, thought, emotions, object outside of the body,.. In this workshop we are inviting effortless and gentle attention to be present so we can witness the natural way of being and living. 

Introduction: 30 min 

Feet massage with the warm sesame oil

Face massage with the nasya oil 

Humming in pairs – to increase the awareness of sound vibrations in the body 

Middle part: 40 min

Yoga asanas for balancing the three doshas in Ayurveda (3 constitutions of 5 elements) 

Restorative yoga emphasizing the balance of the three doshas (Vata, Pitta, Kapha)

Closing: 20 min

Grounding meditation – balancing the earth element with the object from the nature as a support for this meditation. 

About me

Hello, my name is Ivana, 28 years old. I work as a holistic therapist with a special interest in eating disorders and stress and trauma related disorders. I am working within a psychiatric hospital, NGO for eating disorders and in private practice. I hold the master degree in social pedagogy (Edukacijsko-rehabilitacijski fakultet), and certificate IV in Yoga teacher training held in Australia (Melbourne and Byron Bay). I recently arrived from Australia, where I spent 1,5 years educating myself about Yoga, Ayurveda and other related holistic approaches. I’ve been working in the mental health sphere for 5 years and since the beginning I have felt that a holistic approach is the only one I can consider in my practice. For me personally, living the body, mind and spirit is not a technique, choice or something outside of who we are. It is who we are and integration of everything in one is the natural way of being. The spirit from Australia gave me so much insight about awareness. There are a lot of spiritual practices in the world, but it is extremely important to know that awareness is before it and then use the practices to express the awareness in a safe way, without being attached to the technique. This is the foundation of my work. Everything you need is in you, and even more it is YOU. 

I participated in similar events such as Mystic Mountains in Australia and the idea of having it here makes me really happy and grateful. I hope I will have the chance to share Yoga and Ayurveda practices with you and just enjoy the opportunity to live fully. 

Orienteering (Orijentacijsko trčanje) Worshop by Lobel Horvat

Orienteering is a group of sports that require navigational skills using a map and compass to navigate from point to point in diverse and usually unfamiliar terrain whilst moving at speed. Participants are given a topographical map, usually a specially prepared orienteering map, which they use to find control points.

Join the lecture and an exercise and learn a useful skill if you ever get lost. Find out what is orienteering all about, how to use the compass and read a map. Navigate with the festival map to find control points before your friends.

Workshop "Natural oral remedies" by SvanteVid

Learn easy way how to make your customized natural toothpaste, breath refreshing spray and healing powder for paradentosis, gingivitis and painful gums. Find out advantages of using natural products for oral hygiene and disadvantages of industrial dental and oral products and their ingredients. All ingredients are natural, suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Family project Svantevid, run by aromatherapist and permacultural designer/herbalist, active more than a decade in making natural home made remedies, holding workshops, education and consultations.

Painting Exhibition by Robert Prpić

Robert started drawing and then later painting at the age of 17 and his motifs are abstract and surreal.

His work will be exhibited in the Mystic Mountain.

Pyrography Presentation & Workshop by Dražen Markotić Vega

It will be an honor to bring people to look a little closer to what I do, primarily out of love for it. Pyrography. It is a technique of burning motifs on wood. I must immediately emphasize that, in addition to talent, it is very important to have patience and time, because each work requires at least 3 times more than, for example, painting with a brush or drawing with a pencil. I will also talk about the qualities of wood, which type is best for pyrography, what to look out for, what is wrong, etc. My work is already present all over the world, because I have been a guest at a number of festivals on various topics … pagan, viking, old slavic, musical … and I am quite active on my Facebook page, so people are constantly responding with ideas of what they would want made. The most common motifs are Slavic and Nordic ancient religious motifs, but there are also a lot of scenes of nature, animals … I look forward to seeing you soon and sharing experiences. Until then, take a look at my Facebook page to get a glimpse at my work and my vision.

Dražen Markotić Vega

Budokon Workshop by Jana Kozoglav

Budokon is a practice of mixed movement arts. It will be guided by Jana Kozoglav, certified yoga and Budokon teacher. Together we will discover new movement patterns in a language of mobility, yoga and playful animal locomotion. The class will focus on creating space for self-observation and coming back into the present moment in a safe and nurturing manner.

Connect with Jana:

Instagram: pranajana_

Facebook page: Pranajana

Touching Meditation by Solar Spirit

Touching meditation is a way to heal our body and our soul. It is one of the most important things for the baby to grow healthy and to feel loving toward it self when it grows up.
Loving touch is a food for body and soul. It establishes your mind-body connection, decreases anxiety (it gives you a feeling of security and relaxation), increases the number of white blood cells (important for strong immune system), increases the level of endorphines (feel good hormones)… so it is a real natural medicine.
Welcome to this healing proces and feel the powers of a loving touch!

Free Mystic Massage by Sara Bene

This year, on Mystic Mountain festival you will have opportunity to try face, back or feet massage by our lovely massage therapist Sara Bene! We all know how feet can hurt after all day long dancing or walking around. Well, she has a solution for this! Please yourself with 15-30 minutes face, back or feet massage and feel easy to continue whole festival experience.

Sara is doing massages until she was little kid, observing grandma masseur and wandering what is all about this mysterious fragrant ritual. Until then she is discovering different ways of giving massage and using every opportunity to learn from experience. Even though, she is not doing this for professional living, be sure you will enjoy in her massage and feel for every person. “I love potential of touch, press and pure energy to make people feel better and less tense. To see people satisfaction after massage and hear honest feedback is greatest gift for me!” She says and invites you to join on short “break” and pure hedonistic feeling during the Mystic Mountain days.

Manifesting the Brave New World: Ritual Dance by Ivana Gitana

The recent events have brought to surface all we have been not been willing to see in the society and ourselves and have shaken the old structures and ways of living. It is time now to look into and integrate the shadows, release what no longer serves us and imagine a new reality, for ourselves and our communities. At the time when the old structures and belief systems are falling apart, we have an opportunity to (co)create something new; our manifestations are particularly potent, arriving from an empty(er) space.

In this ritual, we will call in our manifestations through connecting with our heart intentions and embodying them, using movement, voice and breath. We will start the ceremony with a meditation to connect with our heart’s desires, after which we will embody our manifestations. Through movement, breath and voice we will release all the blocks and open up for the flow of the energy of love and embody the new visions, so as to allow their manifestations.

The workshop will last for 2 hours. Please take water with you. You may also wish to take a notebook and a pen to journal, and something sacred to you to put on the altar. Wear something ceremonial if you wish


About Ivana:

I am a traveller seeker, researcher/academic in the area of gender and sexuality, dancer, practitioner of the body-oriented psychotherapy (I finished a four-year training at the Centre for integrative development) and Kundalini dance (I trained with Leyolah Anatara). I have also been exploring tantra (I did ISTA level 1 training) and am currently in Kundalini yoga teacher training programme in Zagreb. I am committed to creating new paradigm of living and sacred relationships based on integration of dualities and raising of the feminine energies.
You may want to check my blog: and the FB page of the same name.
I am looking forward to meeting you

Poi Spinning Lessons by Lana Ira Denk

Poi is form of dance and juggling technic. Poi originated with the Māori people of New Zealand, where it is still practiced today, it involves swinging tethered weights through a variety of rhythmical and geometric patterns. Modern poi can be made from various materials with different handles, weights, and effects. Many people first encounter poi in the form of fire spinning, but fire spinning is just one form of this highly varied art. Studies show significant improvements in grip strength, balance, and attention after one month of poi practice. In various countries people are working with poi as a therapeutic intervention and helping organisations implement poi wellbeing programmes. Poi brings happiness, joy and stress relieve. Through workshops I will be teaching beginners poi for kids and adults. About poi workshop instructor Lana-Ira Denk aka Nura is a girl from Karlovac and a poi enthusiast who met the skill of spinning poi 5 years ago when she was introduced to poi by her sister by the fire Magmatikka. To this day, poi is a magical tool that brings her pure happiness, joy and a smile on her face. You could often see her spinning in various clubs and open air parties where you could experience the play of light, fire and dance. Her main goal is to bring poi closer to the people to discover a whole new world of possibilities and joy that poi brings in your life.

Soulful Body Moves by Petra Matić

Soulful body moves is a body movement programme designed with an intention of waking up your body as well as shaking up your soul through intentionally designed mindful moves that will both regenarate you and rest your body from all the dancing and will both assist and stimulate your energy flow which will help you dance some more.

Emotional Attention Massage by Ma Chandra

Emotional attention massage is a simple individual technique of relaxation and swimming in the present, based on the theory of directing attention and the theory of the physicality of emotions. These theories at the same time have their roots in ancient spiritual traditions and in modern scientific research on feelings and attention, and phenomenology.

Everything you encounter triggers your emotions, body and thoughts, and then it influences your health, relationships, perspective, behaviour, perception of yourself and the world. To be centred means to be out of these influences, to have understanding. 

In the process of massage, the emphasis is on experience, inner experience, external sensory experience and attention. We play with aroused energies (body, mind, emotions) by constantly paying attention to certain places on the body. It is practice of phenomenological intentionality. 

The massage process itself goes beyond verbal and conceptual explanation, because it is deeply experiential. But if you want to imagine how it just technically looks from the outside, the closest thing to say is that it differs from classic massages in that there is no strong pressure with hands on the body. To get a better idea, imagine hands just sliding on your skin. 

What should be the goals of this massage? First of all, the goal is relaxation, and then everything that it entails: focus, clarity of mind, nourishing emptiness, grounding, understanding of one’s feelings and energies, awakening of the endocrine system (hormones that create pleasure), swimming in the present and if good luck happen a greater awareness can arouse, whatever that means.

So somehow, it is an unspeakable experience that brings you back to yourself.

The massage lasts 30 minutes.

You need to come freshly showered and open to yourself.

With love

Ma Chandra

TRE (Tension & Trauma Releasing Exercises) by Vjekoslav Staroveški

About TRE

theoretical part about TRE process and involuntary movement mechanism

TRE exercises

Altogether we do 7 exercises – first 6 is done standing and those are used for warming up certain muscles and last, main one is done laying down. Before we start 7th exercise we do 10 min relaxation with focus on connection with the body, becoming aware of different body parts and their sensations. Main, 7th exercise, last for about half an hour and includes two breaks (integration) of 1-2 minutes and at the end longer one of 5 minutes.


We hold space for attendants to share their experiences and to give answers to their questions.

Providers: Tomislav Lipovac, Vjekoslav Staroveški

Duration: 2 hours

Attendant: up to 20 people

Learn more in the videos here and here.

Yoga Flow by Arijana Aska

After practicing Ashtanga yoga for a while, Arijana got her first education in Sangha Yoga School with teacher Nina Vukas in 2014, in Zagreb. While in Sangha she started practicing and teaching Vinyasa yoga in Osijek, Croatia.

In 2018. she went to Bali and got her second 200hr certification after studying with Meghan Currie.  In the meantime she deepened her knowledge through workshops with various teachers such as Kino McGregor, David Robson, Phillipa Usher, her teachers Nina and Meghan and explored different styles and teachings in Bali such as:  Shamanic Breathwork, Kundalini yoga, Yin yoga… 

Arijana loves a strong, creative, juicy, playful, integral and mindful practice of yoga.

It changed her life, she considers it her medicine, prayer, a dance, a meditation, a celebration, whether while practicing or while teaching. She enjoys being a student, loves the learning process of life and can’t wait to share this beautiful practice with fellow Human Beings.

Yoga sessions will take place every day.

Slackline Workshop by Ive Puljar Matić

Slackline workshop is intended for beginners as well as those who want to improve their slack walking skills. The workshop will be based on exercises for balance and the sense of space. After that, those who rehearsed balancing will learn how to walk, sit and turn on a slackline 2.5 cm wide and 5 cm wide.

Building a permaculture resilience :: Lecture by Maša Rome

Permaculture in its most basic form means ‘permanent agriculture’ but in the last decades this term grew. It expanded into ‘permanent culture’ with integrating social aspects, such as building community resilience. In this lecture you will be introduced with a grassroots project, first-hand experience in building a permaculture community: renovation, natural construction, planning and making a permaculture garden. We will talk about 12 core principles of permaculture in everyday life and also some basic gardening tips to help you start growing your own food. Followed by discussion about conscious consumerism and what we can do as individuals to help transform society to co-inhabit this planet we all love so much. 

About Maša

Since she was a child, Maša Rome was interested in nature and human consciousness. She finished psychology studies in 2013 and then worked with different youth organisations, as a teacher and workshop facilitator. In 2018 she started working on her lifelong dream project, establishing a permaculture resilience, an artistic community of free thinkers based in Slovenia. She is very passionate about sustainable way of life and is trying to figure out how to bridge the gap between ideal and real.

Awaking the Inner Shaman through Freedom of Movement :: Workshop by Mia Radica & Maja Benković

Awaken your inner shaman through the everpresent medicine – movement. Allow your body to awaken your inner potentials. Let it guide you within the realms of your infinite bliss through pure presence. 

Inner Shaman Workshop is a unique fusion of yoga and dance with the idea of being ultimately free, yet completely aware of our body in movement. By unifying all the aspect of our being we will become aware of the elements within us and let them guide us on an inner journey. Yoga and Breath will be our assistants in grounding before we dive into the Dance of Freedom. We will start our journey with a Medicine Wheel by praying gently and then find our own flow with the guidance of our sisters. This will be a journey of Love, Freedom and Oneness. 

With Love,


Energy moves in waves.

Waves move in patterns.

Patterns move in rhythms.

A human being is just that

energy, waves, patterns, rhythms.

Nothing more. Nothing less.

A dance.

-Gabrielle Roth

Little Sth About Maja

A globetrotter, a spiritual traveller and an explorer of this multidimensional world we live in. Various kinds of movements have been part of my life for many years now and I have been slowly building a foundation to open my soul to teaching opportunities. For me there is nothing more humbling than touching upon one’s soul through pure presence. This is what movement gives you.

Little Sth About Mia

Love is Who I Am. Movement is what I do. Through many different practices such as ballet, circus and dance improvisation I have been seeking to let my body express itself. I found the most wonderful mirror in the beauty of free movement. When we start where we are at and trust our bodies to guide us, we can dance through this life with Love and awareness.

Osho Active Meditations by Ma Chandra

Osho active meditations are designed to break your habitual thought patterns that imprison you and set you free from mind conditioning and programming.

By using breathing techniques, movement, catharsis, mumble,  voice or shaking, you can: energize and relieve the body, open consciousness, kick out chronic and current stress, wake up life energy and harmonize potentials. Awaken more fully to who you really are. 

“Meditation means just become empty of all content of the mind: of memory, imagination, thoughts, wishes and expectations, plans and mood. A man should empty himself of all these facilities. The biggest day in your life is when you can not find in yourself anything to discard. Everything has already been rejected, there is just pure emptiness. In this void, you will find yourself. In that emptiness you will find your pure consciousness.


This gap is empty in terms of the mind. Otherwise is full, full of existence – empty in terms of the mind, but it is full of awareness. Do not be afraid of the word: empty, it is not negative. It denies only unnecessary baggage you carry only because of the traditions, which can not help you but bother you, which is just heavy, heavy as a mountain. When you remove that weight, you are free from all restrictions, you become endless, like the sky.”


(OSHO, Everyday Osho: 365 Daily Meditations for the Here and Now)

“First society dethrones you, topples you from your center, and then keeps you suspended on the periphery so that you are neither here nor there. And finally, when your life-force is exhausted, you have no idea where you are, what you are or who you are. Then and then alone you can be made a slave. Then society can keep you busy with trivialities; then society can be your master.”


(OSHO, The Great Secret) 

So many laws and regulations are enforced that by the time something is allowed, it is almost insignificant – just a trickle; it is not gushing flood. And you can be happy only when energy gushes in a flood – when you are overwhelmed, when you are lost into it, when energy is so much that you don’t know any boundaries. William Blake has sad: Energy is delight. And energy has been repressed – society has created the kunda-buffer. The buffer has to be broken. That’s what I am doing here – trying to break the buffer.”


(OSHO, The Divine Melody) 


  • Osho Kundalini Meditation
  • Osho Nadabrahma Meditation
  • Osho Dynamic Meditation
  • Osho Chakra Sound Meditation
  • Osho  Devavani Meditation
  • Osho Nataraj Meditation…

About Ma Chandra:

I started to practice Osho active meditations since my childhood, with my father and family. Since that time there is love in my heart for Osho and his meditations. These meditations give me the ability to open my heart, surrender and raise my awareness, find new qualities in myself, in life and enjoy life generally. I am hosting Osho active meditations for the last 11 years, I lived in Osho communes several times and have Osho sannyas.


List of the workshops is yet to be completed, many more coming…