A week of pure mountain magic



 1.-7.7., Camp Velebit, Baške Oštarije, Velebit Nature Park, Croatia



✮ organized hiking tours ✮ tandem paragliding ✮ stunning unspoiled nature ✮  diverse beautiful music ✮ crystal clear vibe, air, sky and sea ✮ transformative workshops ✮ intimate community ✮ whole week of handpicked content ✮ cozy camping ✮ local food and drinks ✮ psytrance ✮ psychill ✮ ambient ✮ goa trance ✮ oriental house ✮ beach only 20 minutes away 



 A week of pure mountain magic

Ḿystic Mountain Festival


 1.-7.7., Camp Velebit, Baške Oštarije, Velebit Nature Park, Croatia



✮ organized hiking tours ✮ tandem paragliding ✮ stunning unspoiled nature ✮  diverse beautiful music ✮ crystal clear vibe, air, sky and sea ✮ transformative workshops ✮ intimate community ✮ whole week of handpicked content ✮ cozy camping ✮ local food and drinks ✮ psytrance ✮ psychill ✮ ambient ✮ goa trance ✮ oriental house ✮ beach only 20 minutes away 



Did you ever imagine a party that is not just a party, but that has a feeling of purpose around it, a party that has a potential to help you make the next step in your inner evolution? 

We did. And it became real. Mystic Mountain Festival is such a place. It is something between a retreat and a music festival. The energy and intention we create along with the support of incredibly strong energy of this place make it an event with a deeper sense of purpose. Make a step towards your true self through a magical experience in this week of connecting, exploring and discovering deep joy of pure being.

First few nights are silent and you can truly rest, last 3 nights are there for the psychedelic party.





Camp Velebit is located in Baške Oštarije; a mountain heaven 920m above sea level. The entire area is a part of the Velebit Nature Park, Croatia’s most significant habitat of endemic flora and fauna declared an international biosphere reserve by UNESCO. Fresh mountain air, combination of Mediterranean and continental climate, spring water, night sky full of stars with no light pollution, nearby crystal clear sea and unbelievably strong energy of the area strengthen your presence, enrich your sensations and make being there an unforgettable experience just by itself.

The adventurer within you will be delighted by all the hiking and biking trails, cliffs for rock climbing, lookout points overlooking Velebit’s impressive white cliffs and Mediterranean archipelago, hanging out with horses, horseback riding, adrenaline park, nearby beaches and much more offered by Baške Oštarije, a village on top of magnificent Velebit mountain, a hidden gem still undiscovered by mass tourism.
transport from Gospić
There will be 4 regular van lines daily: 11h, 16h, 19:30h, 22:30. Van will pick you up where you need in Gospić, default is Gospić bus station. Ticket price, one way is 70kn if there is only one person on the van, 50kn if there are 2 to 4 people and 30kn if there is 5 to 7 people. You need to reserve your place by sending a message with your name and time of departure (one of the four) to the Whatsapp number +385993402515 If you need a ride in times different than scheduled, price for the whole van is 150kn. You can call the same number and set the details.

What is it all about

Mystic Mountain is a platform that gathers people in love with similar things, explorers, adventurers, those that can see the magic of existence, those who are always curious about finding out more. More truth, more possibilities, more undiscovered spaces. All of us who are bit by bit discovering the magnificence of what we really are, our Being, the Great Spirit.

In the Mystic Mountain, we share our insights, our presence, special magical moments, we admire and celebrate life.



Mystic Mountain is a small, cozy and intimate psychedelic gathering, special in many ways. It’s not a non stop party site, but a magical place where things are balanced and where we really open our ways to our true Self, where we enjoy and celebrate life in a healthy way. And dive ourselves into carefully handpicked beautiful music at the same time.


The concept is different than most psytrance festivals. As first, our festival is small, accepting no more than 400 people. It is very cozy, there are no long distances to cross inside the venue, the whole story (dancefloor, workshops, camp, toilets and showers…) is situated within one 100 x 150m area. The festival lasts for a whole week which is not common for small festivals. All this creates a very unique intimate vibe, people get really connected, the idea is that in this week everybody meets everybody else. 

Days are filled with music, workshops and hiking tours and evenings get longer as the week progresses from music turning off at midnight at the beginning of the week to a full blown all night party during the weekend. 

This way, you can have a good rest in the nights to be fresh for the next day and also you get a good dosage of partying in the end. 

music hours...

Music on the main dancefloor will play every day from 11am and will be turned off as follows:

  • on Monday at midnight
  • on Tuesday at midnight
  • on Wednesday at 2am
  • on Thursday at 4am
  • on Friday at 7am
  • on Saturday – no turning off, the music continues until Sunday evening


Apart from the official program you can also explore the surroundings yourself or go swim in the sea. If you go hiking, we strongly suggest to join our tours and not hike on your own as the mountain can be dangerous and you can get lost.


You can find the current lineup here. Lineup is constantly upgrading.

Workshops and performances

You can find info about confirmed workshops here.

Hiking tours

You can see the main hiking tours here. We might also add other new ones each year. Tours are free for all festival visitors.

Tandem paragliding rides

Novelty for this year are also tandem paragliding rides. Paragliding rides are not included in the ticket price, but payed separately.



Ticket for every MM event includes camping in Kamp Velebit. This is real a camp which is open throughout the summer season and includes real (not mobile) toilets and bathrooms with hot water showers which will ensure the most comfortable festival camping ever.

other accommodation options...

If you don’t fell like camping, indoor accommodation is available in the following objects:

Inside the Camp Velebit*:

  • Bungalows
  • Crobbit houses

*Indoor accommodation is not included in the festival ticket and is charged additionally. For more information send inquiry by email.  



Outside of the Camp Velebit**

  • Mountaineer lodge Vila Velebita, 200m away – link
  • Mountaineer lodge Prpa, 3.3km away – link
  • Hostel Baške Oštarije, 1.1km away – link
  • Luxury private house – Mons Albius, 750m awaylink
  • A house to rent in Stupačinovo valley – 3km away – link
  • Nearby private accommodation

**The accommodation outside the camp is charged additionally and should be reserved by you. Please check the availability as soon as possible.

rent a tent

You don’t have to bring your camping equipment. 

We rent it per week:

  • tent – 15eur
  • sleeping bag – 10eur
  • sleeping mat – 5eur
  • or the whole package (all three) – 25eur

Additional 25eur is left as a deposit, you get it back when you return the equipment. 

Please reserve your equipment at least a week before the event as the number of tents is limited.




Number of tickets is limited to 350!

Tickets are sold in 6 presale phases and at the gate if there are tickets left. You can find all the details here.

Welcome to the family. 

See you!


Mystic Mountain Team



Kamp Velebit, Baške Oštarije 5a, Croatia


+385 91 504 8086

If you are applying as a musician, performer or a volunteer, please use the provided forms instead of email. 


Photos: Siniša Plevnik, Filip Hofer, Zračni Alex, Darko Pribeg

Web: Darko Pribeg

Kamp Velebit: Luka Žuženić


Udruga Korijen, Zagreb


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for the 2019 Mystic Mountain Festival

Please send your applications only through these forms. Thank you

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