Entrance to all workshops, seminars and lectures is free for all festival visitors.


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WORKSHOP | Karlo Pavičić & Valent Samardžija

For the first time, “contact improvisation” workshop and a jam with live music at the MM festival!

By definition contact improvisation is a form of improvised partner dancing. It involves the exploration of one’s body in relationship to others by using the fundamentals of sharing weight, touch, and movement awareness.

Karlo will guide us through our first steps towards this form of dance, and here is what he says about himself and the workshop.

“About 10 years ago, I went to my first contact improvisation workshop and since that day I use every opportunity to practice this liberating dance. For me, it is that moment, which is already popularly sought after, when time disappears and nothing else matters. At this festival, I would like to spread the word about this dance through the beginner level workshop and provide the basic vocabulary for this type of dance…from rotations on the floor to “flying” in the air. And later to create an opportunity to freely try out these newly learned elements in the form of JAM.”

The music for the jam will be created by Valent and Anita, under the stage name Wave & Ant.

Wave is a musician and producer from Zagreb, working in an audio studio, dedicated to exploring ethnic instruments, organizing intuitive music and dancing jams Vreeelo and Contact Impro Jams in Tango Garden Zagreb. Recently he started Kolo Trance programs, renewing dancing traditions. Ant is a bass player, contact dancer, potter, photographer, cooperating with Wave in common projects. Wave & Ant performed as musicians in many Contact Jams from Zagreb to Basel.

PERFORMANCE | Ana Škreblin & Maja Gostič

„Tales is a musical-storytelling performance by singer-songwriters in which they narrate stories written by the journey through life, connecting original music, spoken narratives, and complementary sound images.

The project includes a selection of original songs that range genre-wise in the field of intimate acoustic musical poetry, inspired by personal reflections on the worlds we live in. Connected by narration and incorporating other musical/atmospheric instruments, the journey carries a strong personal note, addressing the audience with sincerity and simplicity. Through mutual interaction, the melodies of two vocals and guitars intertwine, creating a special atmosphere of multifaceted harmonies and emotions, also incorporating other musical and atmospheric instruments.

The narrative is in Croatian language, while songs are a mix of Slovenian, Croatan, English, Italian and Spanish. On the journey of Floating Tales, human relationships and interactions are transformed into an auditory, and narrative experience. Through the intertwining of music and narrative, the performance provides insight into the (human) nature, feelings of closeness, distance, conflicts, and harmony.

The audience is invited to delve into these interactions and at the same time confront their own emotions and perceptions of Life. Thus, the artistic performance becomes an open space for exploration, reflection, and deepening into the essence of human connections and the connection between humans and nature. The authors have therefore subtitled it as “a ritual dedicated to life and the stories we write.”

WORKSHOP | Urška Pavlović

This year we will again have many creative workshops so that everyone could express the inner child and creative creators in us. One of the leaders of such workshops is Urška, so let’s hear what she says about herself: “I express myself through many forms of art and I use art methods to inspire people and empower them so they can use art as a channel of expression. I have been a youth worker and a trainer in non formal education for more than 10 years, I held many workshops and trainings in national and international settings. I am also a self-taught artist, I draw and paint with acrylics and watercolor mostly, I also sell my original artwork and prints. I do murals and graffiti art as well. My artistic name Masterpeace comes from my mantra: “expressing through art helps me to master my peace”.

For Mystic Mountain Festival she prepared two workshops:

1) GROUNDING MY INTENTION Artistic workshop where each participant chooses a stone and I guide the process of painting stones (with acrylic paint) where I share a technique of blending and some other playful tricks for painting. While the paint is getting dry, I lead a process of designing your own symbol from one word you use that represents your intention in this moment that you would like to ground. When we create the symbol, we draw it on our painted stone. We make a circle of them at one spot on the festival.

2) ART FOR THE HEART Artistic workshop on which we can explore visual expression as a skill and learn how to express ourselves through drawing. I share simple tools and methods through which we can see how easy it can be to draw and how possible it is to learn it as it is a skill that we need to practice. We all had to learn to write, and you know how to draw letters, so trust me, I am happy to support you in unlocking your potential. After basic tips and tricks, I share how we can use drawing for journaling and self-reflections.”

WORKSHOP | Petra Matić

And now it’s time to announce one person who has been with MM since the very beginning. She is every year there running her amazing dance workshops and we just can imagine MM anymore without it.

Let’s hear what she says about her and what she does:

My name is Petra and as the name itself says, I’m a giant rock kind of a woman. 😉 I have been a bodyworker for 18 years now. Since I was a child I liked to express myself through movement. I was always sporty and a huge worshiper of nature. I finished law school but at one point I decided I wanna try to live out of what I really love, and that’s movement, in everyday life, as a pilates teacher. And when you follow you heart and really want something… you probably already know… universe makes it happen. 🙂 As it did with this heart opening, magical festival. Few years back, when I came to the festival for the first time, I wanted to become a part of it, from the depths of my being, and so I did. I got the opportunity to express myself through words by helping in making a content for this amazing event. I experienced great shifts in my consciousness. I found a place where tremendous love of life was not considered “too much”. I found a place where my heart can be completely free in its expression. Mystic Mountain Festival is a place where the Free Body Movement was born. Come to the workshop and experience it yourself.

Free Body Movement is a concept that represents an active meditation, a dancing meditation. It is a place where everyone is welcome to share their feelings and their thoughts through moves, voice, tears, laughs… We are creating a safe place where you can be completely yourself, no matter how you feel in the present moment. We are encouraging each other’s authenticity to bloom and to live. We are becoming a tribe where we are understood and supported by all individuals we are surrounded by. Even though this is a meditation where you are led and motivated by your teacher’s guidance, you are completely free to follow your own flow by listening to your heart and your body. Explore the boundaries of your intimacy, vulnerability and get to know who you are deeply underneath your skin. No strings attached. No have to’s or must to’s. Just move. Out of your comfort zone, out of all laws and restrictions. Welcome.

WORKSHOP | Hrvoje Zalukar

To stay grounded and in our center this year you can daily join to a qi gong class.

Here is what Hrvoje says about this techique.

Chi Kung/ Qi Gong is an ancient Taoist skill of cultivating energy and healing, it is the harmony of body, breathing and conscious presence in the present moment – mindfulness state. Chi Kung came into my life and helped me heal. I immediately fell in love with that feeling of peace and love that I felt for the first time in practice. For the last 6 years, I have been teaching others that wonderful skill. In my Chi Kung workshop, we will become aware of our vital center, which is also the center of Donji Dan Tien. Lower day Tien is a reservoir of energy that we need for life in this physical dimension. Through fluid body movements and meditation, we will enter a state of balance of yin and yang and feel the harmony and harmony of body, breath and mind.

WORKSHOP | Frane Ćetković

„Don’t show yourself“
„You’re not good enough“
„Don’t open your heart“
„Don’t trust“
„Don’t love“

All of these are phrases our shame tells us. Some might be listening to their inner voice saying these things daily. Many believe it unconditionally. What if it’s wrong? What if you don’t have to listen to it? What if you are free?

My name is Frane, and im currently in education for body-oriented psychotherapy. Shame is an emotion that has greatly held me back in life. I’d like to share this workshop with you all, which focuses on feeling our shame, acknowledging it, and letting it dissolve within the light of our consciousness. It is only trying to protect us – in many cases mistakenly. The idea is to pass straight through it, letting our hidden and protected life force shine. Let’s show eachother who we truly are – without all the smoke and mirrors we might be putting up because we’re ashamed of ourselves. With love, Frane

WORKSHOP | Judita Gracin

I am a poi performer and a coach so as an educated facilitator of non-formal education. I am a mindfulness and well-being enthusiast and I have passion for movement and artistic expression. I enjoy sharing my energy and passion with others and evoke playfulness and authenticity wherever I go.

On this festival I would offer a poi workshop in which we would explore magnetizing and soothing properties of this ancient Maori prop. how can it help us to open up ourselves to the movement exploration and connecting to our bodies and present moment.

LECTURE | Pasha Sarvi

Zoe and Pasha, a Swiss-Iranian couple, along with their son Jiji, living in a tiny village in Montenegro where they have fulfilled their dream by renovating century-old stone ruins into a charming Farm Retreat.

Pasha: Inspirational Lecture on “Following Dreams & Sustainable living”

WORKSHOP | Haley Teichert

Energetic (Chi) Self-Massage In this workshop, we’ll come together for some self care and self love. Chi massage is an easy type of self-massage that increases energy flow in the body, brings peace to the mind, and clears out stagnant energies. It strengthens mental and physical health, and will help you to immediately feel more grounded, relaxed, and energized.


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WORKSHOP | Iva Solarević

When we go deeper into ourselves we will find our Divine essence, place of deep connection, love, freedom and miracles. It is hidden behind our fears, insecurities and perceptions that we are not enough as we are in this very moment.

Ecstatic Transformation is a process of deep inner healing. It combines free movement & dancing, specific energy work, heart opening processes and body-oriented psychotherapy approach & exercises.

It’s a sort of moving meditation with different rhythms and intensity, along with different kinds of exercises designed to get you out of your confort zone and set you free. There are specific contact and eye gazing exercises, which will mirror some of your hidden inner content and blockages which will be able to be seen and transformed.

It is a practice through which we release blockages; suppressed emotions, physical tensions, traumas, stresses, fears, and allow ourself to be free. We are coming back to our authenticity. Through this practice we touch our truth and we express it freely through movement, voice and deep breathing. It is a sacred healing practice which helps us to connect deeply with our Divine Essence.

The uniqueness of this workshop is that it makes you aware of your limitations, insecurities, fears and subconscious limiting beliefs and gives the healing space to transforms it. We do it in safe and supportive space. Finally through loving presence we alchemize our limitations, insecurities, fears etc. into our strength, flow, focus, freedom and inner power.

For this workshop you need comfortable clothes, a mat or a blanket and eventually bottle of water.

No previous experience needed.


My life is focused on discovering man as a multidimensional being with the goal of finding ways to achieve health, joy and freedom. Research led me through the body, mind, emotions, energy and consciousness. During my studies, I researched physiological processes, locomotor system, health and ways our body functions. In 2001, I enrolled in postgraduate studies at the Faculty of Kinesiology in Zagreb, where I continued to study the relationship between mind and body, the influence of meditation, yoga, body movement and energy work on the psychosomatic system and overall well-being. For more than 26 years I have been working with people of different ages and nations through various programs and activities. I am here to support you in discovering more of your potential, deepening your intuition, listening to the voice of your Soul, opening of your heart, embodying LOVE and FREEDOM in your life and discovering the limitlessness of your own being. I welcome you to join the inner journey with me! J

WORKSHOP | Eva Skledar

I am an explorer of life, facilitator of women’s workshops, programs focused on movement and creative expression, yoga teacher, clay artist and 1:1 support for women. I am a child of nature and I live in an off-grid village in the middle of the wilderness of Kočevsko gozd. My greatest guru is nature.

For the last 5 years, I have been delving into researching my body, holistic life, creating safe spaces for authentic and sincere connection with myself and the community. To a large extent, my research takes place through connecting with nature, movement; of somatics, dance, sincere communication, ceremonies and creative expression, which is currently focused on wild clay.

YIN WOMEN’S CIRCLE. Sanctuary like place in the middle of the festival, where the nervous system calms down, it is a place to stop, reflect on what is happening and center. 💆🏻‍♀️ And at the same time, an opportunity for women to get to know each other more deeply in a safe, down-to-earth space. 🌸

CLAY and MEDITATION. Creative workshop with clay. Again a place to stop, create, be with yourself. ✨

TEA CEREMONY. For max. 15 people. Meditation practice, centering, uplifting, grounding.

WORKSHOP | Blaž Kavčić

Me: Since I’ve read the book Mindfulness: Finding Peace in a frantic world, I feel the call to share similar topics/wisdoms. Sharing wisdom, that makes our lives easier, joyous, creative and meaningful. This call is becoming stronger and more clear – now I think my place here is to hold space for others to transform and walk the path into light and love.

Mindfulness workshop: in this workshop, we’ll be exploring what mindfulness is and how to practice it in our daily lives. Small amount of theory and many activities/meditations, that help us become aware of present moment.

Sound bath: We all deserve time for ourselves. Time to just be. With the help of tibetan singing bowls, you will be guided to a deep, restorative state of being, where there’s no yesterday’s worries or tomorrow’s taxes, just you, with your perfect being. And you don’t even have to do anything, just be (lying on the ground, so bring yoga mat :))

WORKSHOP | Jana Kozoglav

Did you know, that there are more than 50 muscles on our face? But compared to the muscles of the body, a lot of facial muscles are rarely used.

Jana will guide us through Face Yoga practice, a workout for your face muscles that has many benefits – releasing tension, activating, lifting and toning the facial muscles. Face yoga increases blood circulation, bringing oxygen and vital nutrients not only to your face muscles but also to the deepest skin layers and all the way to the brain and internal glands.

You will learn exercises that will boost your energy and rejuvenate you faces and your souls. Let’s shine even brighter✨

WORKSHOP | Sara Baričević

Pozdrav, ja sam Sara, umjetnica kazališnih umjetnosti, i ove godine vodit ću dječju Mystic radionicu.

Naše aktivnosti temeljit će se na korištenju prirodnih materijala koje ćemo prikupljati tijekom šetnje po prirodi. Glavna ideja je stvaranje mandala i visećih umjetničkih instalacija. Svaki sudionik moći će svoju kreaciju iskoristiti na način koji želi – bilo da je žele postaviti na festivalu kao vizualno ispunjenje prostora, objesiti na drvo kao dio rituala za ostvarenje želje, ostaviti na nekom drugom posebnom mjestu s kojim su se povezali ili jednostavno zadržati za sebe kao uspomenu.

Radujem se što ćemo zajedno stvarati i povezivati se s prirodom na ovaj kreativan način.

WORKSHOP | Una Ćulić

Una is preschool teacher, regression therapist, communication specialist, journalist and mother. She is a versatile woman who sings, writes, acts and plays music as a DJ OONA. She has always believed that there is a thin line between reality and imagination. She percieve life as continuous series of changing coats, while everyone interprets it from their own angle. Her outlook on life is focused on play and lifelong discovery through relationships, experiences and work.

Guided regresotherapy + 1:1 regression therapy Since 2018, she has been doing regression therapies, either individually with people who are ready to get to know themselves through a different prism, or collectively through group guided visualizations on various topics that empower people to live their full potential. For Mystic Mountain, she prepared a guided visualization under the name "Happy Child" in which she will implement work with inner child all the way to the collective unconscious in order to release certain traumas that we still carry for generations. When people focus on something together, it grows and becomes stronger. We are strong as individuals and as a group even more. Humanity is one big tribe and this activity is invitation for everyone to focus on love and connection with other people as well as with themself.

Guided visualization is a process in which you are mentally and emotionally engaged in internal processes, but at the same time deeply relaxed in a safe place. Deeper state of relaxation offers possibility of releasing emotional blockages, physical spasms, leads to awareness of certain situations, initiates the revitalization of whole body… Guided visualization begins with guided breathing and deepens with suggestions for relaxation. In the process, you will be guided by a story that you imagine according to the suggestions and follow your inner process. After inner journey we will make circle of trust where people will be able to express their experience, ask questions or remain completely silent, as desired. For guided visualization you need good will, an open mind and a mat to lie on.

WORKSHOP | Ivo Frangeš - putujuči čututuk

Slack line and juggling workshop, fire performance.


I am a video artist, my work is about creating sacred spaced, buffered from the outside world; intimately or in small groups I do rituals in Slovenia.

Smudging ritual, acknowledging and honoring the land and ancestors.

Video screening: short documentary about debt (20 min) and short film about oral tradition from Slovenia (20 min).

Meditation – going through chakras together, fully embodying our own power and connection to the Universe.


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WORKSHOP | Ramsey Shehedeh

Sharing personal awakening experience alongside drawing attention to the values and defense mechanisms of the ego, interpersonal dynamics, trauma, the unconscious mind, automatic behaviour, coping strategies, shadow work, healing and transformation. There will be 2 workshops on different topics. One will focus on personal blocks and healing and the other on ego and interpersonal dynamics / relationships

WORKSHOP | Karmen Jeraj

My name is Karmen and I come from Slovenia. Most of my life, I have been really interested in arts and crafts and this is still something I like to do, but later my interest expanded twards instruments aswell. I find them a great tool, to express what’s within and above. One of my favourite goup, are wind instruments. Two years ago I came in contact with the didgeridoo. Since then I played mostly with friends or some minor events. I am not a professional and am still learning myself, but a lot of the times when I was somewhere I found myself explaining to others how to start, how to circular breathe and what helped me to get trough. So I thought I might make a workshop on this festival, because I really enjoy sharing what I know, and I think didgeridoo is a really good instrument to feel your breath and the vibrations trough your whole body. This workshop will be in 4 parts. 1. A little about didgeridoo 2. ‘’Find your drone’’ ( breathing trough your diaphgram ) 3. Circular breathing (without didgeridoo first) 4. How to make other sounds and basic rhytms I will bring a few didgeridoos, some wooden and some PVC pipes, but if you have your own or can borrow one, you are more than welcome to bring it with you. See you 🙂

Duration: 60-90min


I am an international certifyed trainer of nonviolent communication (NVC) developed by Marshall Rosenberg. I work with individuals and companes… I can offer communication workshops during the festival with emphasis on Empathic listening, vulnerability, Authentic self expression, emotional intelligence, conflict resolution… My web

I am also a musician and artist and would like to perform an acoustic meditative musical journey together with my drummer Žiga Miklavc. The musical journeys are dedicated to the fairy inspiration from nature and are performed in a relaxed ritualistic way to encourage self connection, singing, movement/dance, creative writing.. We use shamanic drums, djemba drums, guitars and vocals, part of the songs are story telling songs in Slovene language and usually the songs continue into chants that people sing alltogether. Artistic musical web: (under maintenance at the moment)

WORKSHOP | Zoe Sarvi

Zoe and Pasha, a Swiss-Iranian couple, along with their son Jiji, living in a tiny village in Montenegro where they have fulfilled their dream by renovating century-old stone ruins into a charming Farm Retreat.

Zoe: Acro Yoga Workshop

WORKSHOP | Arijana Smit

“Arijana Aska is a music and yoga teacher, singer, and meditator. She has an online yoga studio and currently teaches live in Zagreb. She facilitates many workshops, retreats, kirtans and concerts throughout Europe and abroad. In her classes she offers a fusion of movement and sound through juicy, playful, and creative flows combined with breathwork, meditation, mantra chanting, and restorative nourishing rest. ”

WORKSHOP | Danijel Dubičanac

At the Heart of Cold workshop, I teach controlled exposure to cold through water and air baths. You will learn the benefits and biology of exposure to the cold and the customs with which various cultures have embraced winter. The most beautiful aspect of this practice is the vitality that flows through the body in an icy lake, river or sea. When the initial force of impressions passes, peace and an intimate connection with natural elements sets in. The method is simple, initially challenging. The cold-blooded, of which I no longer count, will be happiest when they get through the initial discomfort. The workshop has a theoretical and practical part with immersionEver since I immersed myself in the winter waters, I keep coming back to them. I swim all year round. That’s what I want to share with you the most. Danijel will also be doing Thai and myofacial massage at the festival.

WORKSHOP | Janja Dugi

Our body is amazing! That thought comes to my mind at the end of every reflexo treatment. About 8 years ago, I was fascinated by the idea that through the feet we can reach the whole body, release tension in the organs and limbs, regulate the hormonal system and much more! In 2020, I completed a one-year intensive education for a reflexologist at Holistic College Dublin. Since I returned to Croatia, step by step I have started my own reflexology studio in Varaždin. In addition, I am an educator of body psychotherapy, and my intention is to continue to expand my work with the body and discover the layers it carries.

WORKSHOP | Mirela Mirić

We don’t understand what we see, rather we see what we understand. So how many insects have you seen today or in your previous walk? Insects are poorly understood thus rarely seen even though they make up a half of planet’s biodiversity. That is why I would like to share my understanding and break the fear of insects through a walk in the surrounding of the festival. In a two hour walk we will come across more than 10 different species of insects and understand a bit about their life style. After a walk you will see more insects everywhere you go and you will understand them better 🙂 Workshop is imagined for both adults and children.